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Current equipment status of the real-sailing boats All ships in our fleet are characterized by their excellent sailing properties. In addition, each ship is very extensively equipped, it is sextensively serviced and maintained. With us, you will find many extras that you have to search for long elsewhere, pay extra or even need to bring it on borad on your own,what is often impossible or complicated and expensive. For us, these things are already included in the price. Every year we check the equipment of our yachts and bring it to the cutting edge of technology. We complete what is useful and improves the sailing comfort for our customers. Here we have a special focus on our proven vessels, which are held to the same high standard as all of our yachts. In this way many REAL-Sailing yachts are now equipped with Hydranet Radial sailing, plotter, autopilot, AIS or bow thrusters. Again, we complete the equipment continuously or replace them with new, current. For real-sailing "SAILING" is in the foreground - see for yourself. New Sprayhood for our X-442 "Hexe" Hexe Sprayhood 2014 Even if it is a bit uncomfortable on the Baltic Sea sometimes, sailing with all real-sailing yachts is not only fast, but also extremely comfortable. Well protected from the wind, splashing water and rain, sailing majes fun even in those days, thanks to large, stable spray hoods. Under the new Spray Hood the decline remains dry, non-slip and safe. This is also where the new Raymarine instruments also of the X-442 witch, well protected and for all crew members, as well as the helmsman, easy to read an ideal place. Here also the new Raymarine instruments of the X - 442 find an ideal place - well protected and easy to read for all crew members , as well as the helmsman.
New plotter on our real-sailing yachts Elan 431 steuerstand 1 Some yachts started in the season 2014 with new plotters. We always want to offer our charter guests on our ships current technical equipment and have many boats equipped with modern chartplotters. Often you will find it on deck and below deck, so here anytime, all navigationally relevant data. Last year, an onboard computer was installed on the Elan 431 "Estima", which always works with the latest charts and offers a large screen for relaxed navigation. X-412 yachts with Raymarine e 7 plotters Raymarine Plotter X Yachts 1 Our X-412 yachts have newest navigation Raymarine electronics now: the chartplotter e 7 series. With touch screen and wifi connection they meet the highest standards that can be found as a sailor on charter boats. With the appropriate Raymarine app mobile phones and tablets on board are thus also provides constant current navigation data Salona 45 Salona Raymarine Plotter 1 Our Salona 45 "Simply fast" has also got a new plotter. Here we decided for the version E 140 - Damit steht dem Navigator an Bord der Salona 45 auch digitales Radar zur Verfügung. That gives the navigator aboard of the Salona 45 a digital radar, also.
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