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yachtcharter ostsee gudjem bornholmyacht Charter Bornholm - a cruise to Bornholm If you start your yacht charter trip from Fehmarn, you will reach your destination quickly with prevailing western winds. Choose between the sporty X-Yachts or the speedy yachts such as Salona, Dufour or Elan and you will reach Gedser, Haesnaes, Klintholm in no time, or sail directly non-stop to Bornholm across the Baltic Sea. Kühlungsborn, Warnemünde or Sassnitz are ideal harbours as starting points for a yacht charter trip to Bornholm, an island with a unique mild climate in the Baltic Sea. Along the coastline of Bornholm you will find many cosy and beautiful small towns such as Ronne, Nexo, Hammerhaven or Hasle. These harbours can also be easily visited with our large Salona, X-Yachts or Harmony charter yachts. Small towns with a Mediterranean flair, such as Svaneke, Sandvig and Allinge, are also worth a visit.
Craftspeople, such as glassblowers, potters and candle makers will invite you to their work shops. Public transit or a bicycle is suitable for a sightseeing tour on the island. If you are feeling hungry on your trip across the island, do try a local speciality, the "Bornholmer". This smoked herring is very special, since it is only produced on the isle of Bornholm. Erbseninseln bornholmWhen served it is still warm and extremely delicious. Fortified by this delicious meal, you can continue your trip to another worthwhile destination, the Ertholmene with the harbour Christianso, which is east of Bornholm. Whilst strolling across this small group of islands, you can visit the former fortress and enjoy an excellent view across the Baltic Sea. In order to return to your yacht charter base of Burgtiefe in time, you should allow for enough time when you have to deal with Western winds. Sail as high as you can to cross the Baltic Sea towards the German coast or sail past southern Sweden, e.g. Ystad or Trelleborg.
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