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auf x yachten aktiv segelnSailing trips for active sailors - holiday trips to relax - sailing training

Welcome to the real-sailing cruise program for sailors

Learn from professionals - safer and faster sailing

Here the real-sailing sail training offer a wide range of opportunities to expand existing knowledge and to learn from experienced skippers.

Whether skipper training, strong winds training or safety training, choose your sail training and learn what is important in difficult situations to safely control a yacht and lead to vessel and crew optimally.

If you have always wanted to know what it's like on a racing yacht, or just want to create first evening in the harbor,


here too we have the right training

program - the Real-Sailing Regatta training - so that the trim and the tactics are right

With real-sailing you sail always on the safe side.

The high equipment standard and constantly updated, maintained professional safety equipment are all yachts on a topical Ships license or authorization by the See BG.

Our experienced skippers rejoice even after thousands of sailed miles to be able to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for sailing's to you.

Take advantage of this know-how - Welcome aboard!







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