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Starkwindtraining cStrong wind training on the Baltic Sea X-Yachts
Who wants to sail under the expert guidance of an experienced skipper under difficult conditions , this workout should not be missed. The focus of this one week course is the safe handling of a yacht under severe conditions. In return, the windiest time of the year offers.

strong wind training 15.10.-21.10.16

The heavy weather sailing starts on Friday, 15.10.16 in the evening. Upon request, the berth can be obtained from about 18 clock . The ship is occupied by no more than 6 participants. It is sailed on yachts X -412 , which are equipped with the very high safety standard of Seeberufsgenossenschaft. The price for the 7 days training is € 670, - plus the cash box (food, port fees, etc.). Under the leadership of a very experienced skipper different behaviors are discussed in heavy weather situations and tested. Safety and security exercises are emphasized. However, should occur gale-force wind conditions, then it is obvious that the good seamanship remains in the marina. If the wind once dull, spinnaker maneuvers and harbor maneuvers are trained but also a deepening of navigational knowledge is on the program then.

670,00 €  per person plus board cash

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