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 Comfortina 32 Celine

Comfortina 32
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Comfortina - for friends of fast sailing on high-quality yachts, the name Comfortina is a term and for real-sailing the Comfortina 32 is a ship that suits us. The high quality standard of Comfortina yachts is based on mature designs, with excellent processing of high-quality materials. A combination that has convinced sophisticated sailors for many years and gives you the good feeling of having found a new home for the best time of the year.

And on regattas, yes, Comfortina Yachts always make a good figure, because with all comfort they are also fast and sporty on the move.

Comfortina 32

The Comfortina 32 Celine is really a true jewel and perfect for sailing with small crew. We are pleased that we are able to offer another boat in the 2 cabine version with the Celine, which is characterized by outstanding sailing characteristics, stability and safety.

Great sails, up-to-date electronics as well as the perfect maintenance and care of the Comfortina 32 promise great Baltic cruises on a really fast ship ... that's real-sailing

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