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 X-Yachts X-332 endlex

X 332 endlex

 X-Yachts X-332 relax

X 332 Relax

 X-Yachts X-412 extra-fast

X 412 extra fast


 X-Yachts X-412 extra-fun

X 412 extra fun

X-yachts X-442 Hexe

X Yachts X 442


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echtes Segeln mit richtig schnellen Schiffen


X-Yachts - a name that speaks for fast, high-quality ships. Real-Sailing as a specialist in sports yachts offers X-yachts from 33 f to 44 f from Burgtiefe on Fehmarn. X-Yachts Cruiser Racer for both regatta interested charter crews, as well as for ambitious sailors with penchant for fast trips on the Baltic Sea. Selected sails incl. spinnaker and extensive accessories make the trip to the Baltic Sea will be an unforgettable sailing experience, just real sailing with really fast boats.

If you enjoy fast and sporty sailing, you will enjoy our X-yachts. There are no faster boats. We have nine X-yachts in store for you, the X-yacht X-332, the X-412 and the X-442. The convenient handling of the X-yachts allows ambitious crews to have an extrodinary sailing experience even without the permanent trimming. All boats are first-class equipped and very well maintained. Only the best sail wardrobe including the spinnaker will guarantee you a lot of joy for a boat race.


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