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The Performance Cruiser X-332 is almost unrivaled with respect to yacht race suitable sailing characteristics convenient in connection with the offered comfort of the X-332 for six persons. With this ship Niels Jeppesen is succeeded a masterpiece. Jeppesen is one the shareholder from X-Yachts, he is design and director of the areas from design and marketing of X-Yachts. He is an experienced racing sailor, who has ideally implemented his experience in this ship.He even did sail a X-Yacht Typ X-332 over a long time.

The X-Yacht, X-332 has relatively light weight, it only weighs 4.350 kg. Almost a third of this weight is housed in the ballast and the predominantly proportion of this is even in the lower range of the keel.. This fact alone, in connection with a relatively large sail area of X-Yacht 332, are a guarantee that you can have a lot of sailing fun. A lot of sailors of the X-Yachts from REAL-Sailing Yachtcharter Baltic Sea confirm this.

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X 332 cockpit radsteuerung

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In the salon of X-332 all prerequisites for a comfortable yacht charter cruise on the Baltic Sea are given.. If the weather is not permitting to be on deck, the crew of the X-Yacht X-332 can easily stay under deck. The navigationseat, immediatlely on the right site of the going down, to achieve good and fast, offers satellite navigation with cardplotter, so you can navigate the ship back to the marina everytime. In the functional pantry of X-322 there a all ways to prepare meals like home, in marina or at sea also. So the crew can be kept in good spirits all the time.

Contact real-Sailing, the specialist for X-Yachts yacht charter at Baltic Sea and enjoy with our X-Yacht X-332 the great Mare Baltikum



x 332 relax riss


LOA 10,31 m

Width 3.30 m

Width 1,80 m

Engine 18 hp


Mainsail 35,50 m²

Genoa 31,40 m²


Bunk 4 + 2



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