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Sailing area | western baltic

yacht charter German Baltic Sea

For a yacht charter cruise on the Baltic Sea Burgtiefe on Fehmarn is suitable as a starting port outstanding. The real-sailing yacht charter base in Burgtiefe is quickly and easily accessible and you start your Baltic Sea yacht charter cruise in the middle of one of the best cruising grounds in Europe

The German Baltic coast extends from Flensburg near the German-Danish border along the coastline of Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rügen to Usedom.

The fjord of Kiel, with the sailing metropolis and state capital Kiel, is an attractive destination for avid regatta yacht charter teams not only during the "Kieler Woche". Many ports with the best care options, beautiful beaches in scenic surroundings, promise great holiday adventures on the German Baltic Sea coast

 Along the Kiel fjord are many modern large marinas as Wendtorf, Laboe and Schilksee as well as idyllic ports as Strande, Mönkeberg or Holtenau, that inspire with their maritim flair.
A short distance north you get into the Eckernförder bay. At the end you find the port city Eckerförde, which is certainly a worthwhile destination on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein.
About the marina Damp many yacht charter ships then reach the entrance to another very attractive nautical area on the German Baltic Sea coast, the Schlei.


yacht charter Schleswig-Holstein

In addition to Maasholm and Schleimünde Kappeln, Arnis and Schleswig are ideal good for applying and the crew would be on shore leave in the picturesque harbor towns.

Good care options, an extensive gastronomic variety and interesting destinations are also available for yacht charter guests along the Schlei.

After a little stop in Gelting the entrance to the fjord of Flensburg is already in front of the bow of your yacht charter ship-
and thus the border of Denmark.

Along the eastern side of the Flensburg Fjord are modern, comfortable harbor facilities, such as the Marina Sonwik in a pretty landscape.

Yacht charter teams, however, are also good and happy in the city Port of Flensburg, because there are many things to discover and the possibilities to come ashore are extremely diverse.


Yacht charter German Baltic Sea

The real-sailing yacht charter base in Burgteifeon Fehmarn also allows sailing trips to the surrounding area on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein. With short strokes the ports of Grossenbrode, Holy harbor and Grömitz are achieved. There yacht charter guests will find good opportunities for mooring and enjoy relaxing on the decay of yacht charter tags on the Baltic Sea.
 Well protected, there can be very good sailing in the Bay of Lübeck, even with something strong westerly wind.

The fast yacht charter ships of real-sailing reach the ports of Travemünde, Boltenhagen or Kühlungsborn for example at the German Baltic coast in just a few hours of sailing.

With our sporty and fast charter yachts like X-yachts, Salona, Dufour, Elan, Hanse or Dehler even long distances are comfortably to sail and more remote destinations on Rügen or Usedom are not unattainable.