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yacht charter Nystedt

sailing area zealand - Nystedt -


Yachtcharter Ostsee Bank mit MeerblickYachtcharter Ostsee Moeve im Flug


The small and pretty trading town Nysted on Lolland is only 30 sm away from the yachtcharter base in Burgtiefe on Fehmarn. It is therefore an excellent destination for a weekend trip.


yacht charter trip round zealand - nystedt -

While sailing north through the Fehmarn Belt you will pass the wind park Röd Sand and reach the historic provincial town of Nysted in the south of Lolland. You can take a stroll along the lovingly preserved houses, the castle Alholm and the motorcycle museum which is well known all over Europe.

Approaching the harbour should not cause any problems when taking adequate care. It is often visited by traditional sailing ships which can be enjoyed at the end of a wonderful day on deck.