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weekend trips in the baltic sea from fehmarn 


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Burgtiefe - weekend trips Fehmarn is the ideal port of departure for a yachtcharter weekend trip in the Baltic Sea.

The yacht charter basis in Burgtiefe has easy access and Fehmarn is centrally located in the western Baltic Sea. Even for a short trip on the weekend there are a number of attractive cruises possible.

Weekend trip in the Baltic Sea Available yachts and offers for yachtcharter weekend trips can be found at the following link: last-minute yachtcharter Baltic Sea and at online-booking.

You can also call us or send us a mail and we will be happy to advice you on the available yachts on your desired travel date.

Weekend trips in the baltic sea

Usually the destination of your yachtcharter weekend trip is determined by the current wind and weather forecast. That's why you have to decide at short notice whether your destination is in the western Baltic Sea, in Mecklenburg Vorpommern or in the Danish South Sea.

To the west places like Kiel, Laboe, Damp or Maasholm could be interesting alternatives. Marstal on Aero or Bagenkop on Langeland are easily accessible as well Rödby, Nystedt or Gedser.

Other exciting destinations south-east of Fehmarn could be Grömitz, Travemünde, Kühlungsborn, Boltenhagen, Wismar or Warnemünde.