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yacht charter weekendtrip to Svendborg

weekendtrips in the baltic sea from fehmarn to svendborg


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In Denmark and Norway a sound means a narrow strait or its narrowest part. Most of these sounds are named after the island which separates the sound from the mainland.

The Svendborg Sound is named after the town of the same name on the isle of Fünen. This sound flows like a river between the isles of Tasinge and Thurö. It will take about an hour to sail through with your Yachtcharter Baltic Sea real-sailing boat.

Considering the overwhelming beauty of this part of the Danish South Sea it'll be worth to take your time and enjoy the scenery. The Svendborg Sound is the most frequented waterway in Denmark. The fairway is narrow but well buoyed. At some parts 50 meters wide.

The current is quite complicated even though it follows the fairway. If a storm arises from the northwest the stream reaches a higher velocity and changes the water level. Nevertheless these strong currents are rather seldom during summer.


weekendtrips in the baltic sea

The Svendborg Sound features some spectacular moorings. The anchorage ground consists primarily of sand. Coming from Svendborg you will have to sail towards the large motorway bridge first. The bridge is 33 meters high and 80 meters wide. Close to the harbour along the north bank to the west there are many small moorings. These are in rather shallow water and are quite turbulent and are privately owned.

The marina Rantzausminde for instance has a sheltered position but offers only a few moorings for guests and the new harbour and the eastern port basin have a depth of less than 2.5 meters. The rest of the harbour is even shallower.

Recommended anchoring berths for your yacht charter Baltic Sea REAL-Sailing ship are primarily found in the eastern part of the Svenborg Sound.