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Please ask; Basically, it is not allowed to take pets on board, however, there are exceptions
On request it is possible to book one way Charter trip to Sweden for example. Gladly we inform you individually about the possibilities.

Our yachts over 12 m in length are required to have a radio installation on board. The certifiacate is therefore necessary for the skipper. The smaller boats would not necessarily need a wireless device.But, we recommend for security reasons to be in the possession of radio station certificate also to help others in need.

No, REAL-Sailing baers the costs of the berth, mainly located at the end of landing stage 1.
There is a permissible maximum number of persons for each ship. This must not be exceeded. The information in parentheses after the booth number provides information about the berths in the Salon. You should decide exactly if you want to use these berths.
It is 1000,00 €.

Preferences of the crew and the number of the sailors are crucial for the choice of your charter yacht. If you want to sail like sporty, racing-oriented you will find a wide range of Salona, X-yachts and Dehler, Elan yachts at REAL-Sailing.You want good sailing properties and a generous space and put value on storage space and comfort, then have a look on the Harmony or Elan Impression yachts. Details you´ll find in specifications. Gladly we advise you individually and answer your questions personally.

Yes, all of our Charter yachts can pass through the Fehmarnsound Bridge.

Yes, it is sufficient if a crew member has the proof. The stamp in older sailing certificates have still their validity. We are committed to lead the so-called T2 ammunition on board. This requires a specialized certificate of competence. Should he be absent, a test can be arranged prior to the trip.

No, all REAL-Sailing yachts are equipped with the 3 or 4 current pleasure craft card sets from the NV or the Delius Clasing Verlag. Should you plan a major trip, ask us for existing other charts such as for Sweden or Norway. If it exists, we like to provide this maps available.

With the exception of special holiday offers the dinghy is not standard. On request also a tender can be rented. If you wish also an outboard motor, please let us know in time.

All REAL-Sailing yachts have the safety equipment that is required by the water and shipping authority. This is regularly check on completeness and maintenance checks and is certified in the current boat certificate. For details, see the respective ship specification. Some yachts are equipped also for professional training trips, have a look at the specification of the X-412 for example.

Each REAL-sailing charter yacht is equipped with the most important contact information directly to the Navigation seat. More information you find in the respective board ring folder. So you can reach us during your sailing trip at any time.
It is natural to avoid all areas of shallow water. The Guldborgsund may not be used by all REAL-sailing ships. Due to the stones recorded not on the map, which are partially on 1.40 m deep, there was some unpleasant experience. Thank you for your understanding!

All REAL-sailing yachts are equipped with a battened mainsail and three foresails. It is a large Genoa, as well as a smaller headsail, such as Genoa 3 or jib on board such as a spinnaker or gennaker. For details about the sail, have a look in the respective specification. Or ask us for other possibilities.

Due to the central location trips in almost all directions are possible. Favoured is the Danish South seas, around Funen, Bornholm or Copenhagen. Or the German Baltic Sea coast from Flensburg to Rügen. Itineraries and area descriptions, see Yacht Charter Baltic Sea

At Ship transfer the fuel tank and the water tankare filled. In addition to the attached cylinder there is always a second full gas bottle on board. Upon your return, you have to fill only the diesel tank, water and gas acquires REAL-Sailing for you.
No, in general the REAL-sailing Charter guests bring along their own sleeping bags or blankets. After prior's timely order we can provide inlets and bedding for 20,-€ / p.
Usually, the boat is ready to pass at 5 pm
Please let inform us of your delay, tell us your estimated time of arrival by phone. Even even late in the evening you can go on board your ship.
You come to the ship and find the delivery protocol. Please check the completenesse of the listed equipment. So you are well prepared for taking over of the yacht. Then we explain the operation and the functions of the on-board facilities.
Odds and ends, or the buns for breakfast you can get at the harbour kiosk or at the bakery on Südstrand/Burgtiefe. The " shopping spree" is done best in the large supermarkets of Burg. Find this, if you use the second exit after the Fehmarnsundbrücke, even before you reach the City Burg. You have to pay with Euro. Credit cards and ec-cards are accepted in the most shops (expected Aldi).
The parking at Pier 1 in Burgtiefe is available for loading and unloading. During the sailing trip the vehicles should be parked on the adjacent large parking lot. On request, we can offer a place in a closed hall. The parking fee is 15,-€ / week. We like to take over the transfer to the hall.
You find us at landing stage 1 in Burgtiefe/Fehmarn. There, your ship is avaiable for you at the prearranged time. The REAL-Sailing Yacht Charter team, recognized by the light blue shirts, will be on the bridge to welcome you.
No, it is only important, that you berth at landing stage 1. Choose a free box there, depending on wind direction and size of the yacht.
The deposit can be returned earliest after the dive. We will send you back the unredeemed credit card document.