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yacht charter insurance

Insurance for REAL-Sailing customers


We recommend a travel cancellation insurance you necessarily. A skipper insurance is also interesting for many sailors. Look out the insurance that is best for you and decide. You can choose between various offers of Pantenius yacht insurance or the Hamburger yacht insurance Schomacker:

PANTENUIS offers various insurance packages. The base package includes the skipper liability and the cancellation cost insurance and costs € 150,-. The insurance cover of the skipper liability insurance covers loss events, which occur through use of the Chartered yacht and the boats with skipper and crew to third party. These include, for example, damage to other ships in port or dock equipment. Damages that arise due to gross negligence on the Charter boat and covered does not have the hull insurance of the Charter company, also are included. The insured amount for personal injury and/or property damage is € 3 million for damage to property, and € 250.000,-.


In case of failure of non-commercial skipper or one or more crew members the travel cancellation insurance refund the contractually owed cancellation costs for Charter, as well as arrival and departure. The maximum total compensation amounts to € 10.000,-. It should be noted that the insurance must be applied at PANTENIUS within 21 days after conclusion of the contract or at the latest 60 days before departure. Enhancements of the base package to a Kautions insurance, overseas travel health insurance and a passenger accident insurance are possible.


At the Hamburger yacht insurance SCHOMACKER, you can independently complete the skipper liability insurance and travel cancellation costs insurance. The premium of the skipper liability insurance here depends on the size of the yacht. So, for example, the premium is € 98,-for a sailing yacht up to 15 m. The coverage is € 2 million lump sum. The travel cancellation costs insurance including trip interruption insurance depends on the amount of the Charter price. So for example the premium amounts to € 77,-in a Charter price to € 2.000,-. This insurance provides under the contract as follows: If the skipper can not take the journey and therefore the entire Charter must be cancelled, the cancellation costs incurred for skipper and crew are paid. When a crew member not able to assume the journey, so the Charter price pro rata for the crew member is replaced. In addition the travel cancellation insurance makes in addition for the unused portion of the rental fee, the cruise because of insured must be canceled prematurely.

Additional, a deposit insurance can be completed at Schomackers. A damage occurs during the trips on our yacht we can keep a all or part of the deposit.The guarantee for the protection of deposits of Charter covers this financial risk. When a deposit amount up to including € 1.000,-the unique premium amounts to € 90,-. The conclusion of a travel health insurance and a skipper - passenger accident insurance is also possible.

Many crews take out a travel cancellation insurance. A possible offer is settled in the treaties always. Unfortunately it has happened again, that some crews have not completed this insurance and were suddenly prevented. The horror is then great, if the insurance is not completed. Therefore, we recommend each crew to take out such insurance.